Key Dates

18 Jul 2023

Registration Begins

4 Aug 2023

Sponsorship Registration and
Runner Info Submission Deadline (Virtual Race)

22 Sep 2023

Runner Info Submission Deadline (Physical Race)

13 Sep 2023

Virtual Race Starts
(2 weeks till 26 Sep 2023)

22 Oct 2023

Physical Race and Carnival

Brief Event Schedule


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Race Order

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Race Instructions

Virtual Race

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Physical Race

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  • The starting line is on the ground floor lobby of Jardine House.
  • The starting line for the race “Women - 29 floors” is on the 20th floor.
  • The starting line for the NGO Race is on the 24th floor.
  • The finish line for all categories is at the 49th floor penthouse of Jardine House.
  • All runners / teams must sign in at the assembly point 15 minutes before race time. Relay runners will be transferred to the check points before the start of the race. Late arrivals may not be admitted to the race.
  • All races will be divided into groups. A staggered starting time method will be used whereby there will be a pause of five minutes between each group starting the race.
  • Runners should take every precaution not to obstruct other runners.
  • Under no circumstances should runners walk down the stairway. Runners requiring assistance are asked to stay in place and call for help.
  • The winner and runners-up are the three runners / teams with the fastest time recorded of all races (except The Barrow Cup) of the same category.
  • Appeals will only be allowed under exceptional circumstances. All appeals must be forwarded to the controller at the ground floor immediately after the race. The controller’s decision is final.
  • Adverse Weather Condition & Emergency Contact:
    –The Walk Up Jardine House will be cancelled if the red or black rainstorm signal, or typhoon signal #3 or above is hoisted on/before 6:00 a.m. on 22nd October 2023.
    –Please contact MINDSET at 2579 2104 if you have any questions or concerns on the event day.
    –Please also check the Walk Up Jardine House website for the latest information (