Brighten You Up

‘Brighten You Up’ is the theme for the Walk Up Jardine House event this year. While people who experience mental health issues often feel helpless and lonely, your care and support helps to bring them light and hope. Please join us to share your positive energy and support for MINDSET’s work in raising awareness about mental health and helping those in need!

About Walk Up Jardine House

Walk Up Jardine House is Jardine Matheson's annual charity event. Since 1982, the event has raised over HKD 49 million to support charitable activities in Hong Kong.

Steppers compete by running up 49 floors, covering 947 steps to the Penthouse of Jardine House. Every year, over 500 people including Jardine Matheson executives, colleagues from Group companies, business associates, families, friends, and people from all walks of life connect with each other through Walk Up Jardine House. The event also offers a carnival atmosphere and activities for children and adults alike to enjoy.